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A Marseille Institution

For over 70 years, on the port of l'Estaque, Chichis Frégis and traditional panisses have been served in a typical and warm atmosphere.

Founded in 1947, Chez Magali has become a must-visit place in Marseille.
Located in the historic district of l’Estaque, a true ambassador of the chichi, this iconic kiosk of Marseille’s culinary heritage warmly welcomes you in a friendly and authentic atmosphere to enjoy Chichis Frégis and traditional panisses.
Chez Magali is renowned for its respect for tradition. For over 70 years, chichis have been cooked here in the old-fashioned way, in their original form, faithful to the secret recipe imported by the Italians, and it is our pleasure to preserve this know-how and apply it as tradition dictates.
Only in l’Estaque can you find these kiosks offering Chichis Frégis and panisses with authentic and welcoming service in the Marseille style.
Remember, nowhere else in the world will the Chichi Frégis be as good as in l’Estaque, and the best ones are at Chez Magali.

Chichis Fregis et Panisses

A concentrate of authentic Marseille

Made right before your eyes and served in 5 minutes with the legendary Marseille conviviality

Sugar-coated Chichis Frégis.

The authentic Chichis Frégis from l'Estaque (Marseille)

2.80 €

Chichi Frégis au sucre du restaurant de plage "Chez Magali"

Chichis Frégis with Nutella

The authentic Chichis Frégis filled with Nutella

3.80 €

Chichis Fregis au Nutella Chez Magali


A dozen of authentic Marseille Panisses

3.50 €

Panisses du restaurant de plage "Chez Magali"

Chichis with whipped cream

The authentic Chichis Frégis filled with homemade whipped cream

4.00 €

Chichis Fregis à la crème chantilly

Artisanal chips

Handmade artisanal chips

2.80 €

The authentic Marseille

On the port of l'Estaque

The port of l'Estaque enjoys a privileged location, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Frioul Islands. Visitors can enjoy the surrounding beaches for relaxation and swimming

Vue du port de l’Estaque à Marseille où l'on voit le clocher